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There is a story of a Legend, Made In Baltimore. False believers will tell you it must all be in his head, however, if you uncover his journey, it's evident his Mind is not A Dream. He truly is Baltimore's Best Kept Secret. Legend continues that after being Stuck In The Basement for some time, he finally emerged with a Newborn Soul and a new found Perspective on life. Word is he seeks to fill lost souls with inspiration for he was a lost soul himself. I've heard some Call him Mr. Batton, others Name him King, but he quite simply wishes to be known as...




The Mic Fein!

RJB is a 31 year old rapper born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in the city of Greektown/Highlandtown close by Little Italy and the Inner Harbor. He moved a lot from home to home mainly between his Fathers and Grandparents, his Mother escaped to Pennsylvania from an abusive relationship with his sisters Father. RJB would then visit her and wish to escape from his rough childhood in Baltimore in which he did at the age of 18 right after graduating High School. As he grew up music reached out to him and touched his soul that he started learning all about the Hip-Hop culture. He hosted his own forum where he met the man many know by the name of Anno Domini. He studied the game, crafted his writing over the years and tackled the audio game. Over 15 years later, he is at his most confident and ready to take the game by storm. He has hooked back up with Anno Domini as his exclusive producer with many artists as hungry as him by his side. Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for his ID to be imprinted into the always evolving genre of Hip-Hop!